How to become Adobe Certified Expert like me?

Become an Adobe Certified Expert

No doubt that passing the certification exam for any of Adobe products is a good proof for your employer and in your resume for your profession in this tool. This does not mean that you have to know every thing about the product as many people wrongly think, it is a totally misleading concept.

The certification exam proofs that you got the maximum knowledge of the product and you are able to solve and understand project problems, structure using this tool.


Adobe Certification Exams and Exam Structure

Become an Adobe Certified ExpertAdobe has three types of exams for individuals, Adobe Certified Association, Adobe Certified Expert ACE and Adobe Certified Instructor. The Adobe Certified Association measures your knowledge of Adobe products related to specific field such as web, printing…etc. However, it is not specialized in one tool and directed to beginners in most cases. The Adobe Certified Expert is to measure your profession in specific tool such as Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator…etc.

The third exam is for instructors who would like to be a certified instructor from Adobe and the trainer should pass any of the Adobe certification exams in addition to an extra exam to proof the training qualifications.

You can find more information about the exam, available exams, exam location in your area in Adobe Certification exam page here.

How to Get Ready

Become an Adobe Certified ExpertGetting ready for the exam starts by knowing all the information about the exam, number of questions, time and reading the guideline PDF specified to each exam from the link above or directly from the available exams and exams guides page here.

Since the exam measure your knowledge of the product, the second step is to start using the product you would like to take its exam with a new way, dig into each tool during your work with the product, start to explore areas that you never used before ad focus on the tools and features mentioned in the guide line of the exam. This will help you collect your previous experience about the product and recap it while you use the studying resources mentioned below:

Adobe Classroom in a Book Series

Adobe Classroom in a Book series published by is considered the official exam preparation guide for the Adobe certification exams. This series lets you learn about the product through examples and how-to style to get full understand about the too.
This series that is written by Adobe Team helps you get a good part of your exam preparation and focus your study to a specific areas mentioned in the guide line.

Adobe Help files

it is the very long documentation that comes along with the product when you press F1. since it may be impossible to cover all the help documentation especially with the increasing features with every new version of the product. I always recommend to start by the exam guideline and Classroom in a Book series to keep yourself focused when start to explore through the help files and only concentrate on the points of concern.

Exam practice tests

There are only two exam practice providers for Adobe exams, and . I wrote many exams for uCertify PrepKit exams and I recommend it as I tried to make sure that the practice exam is actually mimic the real exam in strength, type and structure. So, I see it is a good practice for the real exam.

You are Ready Now!!

Become an Adobe Certified ExpertAfter following the above steps, I think you are ready now to register your exam. Visit any of the VUE authorized center (Adobe authorized exam location) in your area and they usually give you a time after few days and you can give the time you see suitable, give yourself a good time to revise the information in mind, focus to clarify the points of conflict…etc.

Try to take good rest before the exam and sleep well to get the maximum of your focus in the exam, and go with the high trust in yourself and confident.

Are We Finished?

No, not actually. The most important part is the exam itself. Many people get confused and choose the wrong answer because of some few points during the exam:

Give each question its time

Try to give a time for each question that you do not exceed, and make sure to have enough time for one or two final revision by the end of the exam. For example, give each question 1.5 minutes, 1 minute for solving the question and the other half minute to check your answer again and prepared to move to the next question.

Do not leave blanks

Do not ever leave a non-answered question, if you do not know the answer, just give a guess, it may be right at the end.

Now We are Done

We are now finished with the exam tips and tricks and if you need any further information, ideas and suggestion about how to get prepared for the exam, do not hesitate contact me with any question in mind and I will get back to you.


7 thoughts on “How to become Adobe Certified Expert like me?

  1. Dear Asyraf,

    I am looking for a trainer who is certified in Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS5. This is a certification training which requires students to take the exam at the end of the program.

    If you are interested, please get back to me and I will contact you directly.

    Thank you.


      • Dear Asyraf,

        I am looking for a trainer who is certified in Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Photoshop CS5.

        If you are interested, please get back to me and I will contact you directly.

        Thank you.


  2. Hai Zaharah…. i’m very very interested with this offer..but i’m doesn’t yet upgrade my ceritified actually…. maybe we can discuss about that..tqvm

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